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Date: 13 Aug 2001

--- Mark Sullivan <> wrote:
>you've gotta read more Scudder.

 Amen to that, Ive recently been reading the Scudder books in order (had to stop because I don't have 'Out on the cutting Edge' but I'm frantically scouring the local used bookstores so I can resume.) and I thought they were great to start with and just keep getting better. 'Sacred' was, in my opinion, FANTASTIC, but the ending has a feeling that, if I didn't know better I would have guessed Block was bringing the Scudder books to a close. Does anyone know if Block had that in mind when he wrote 'Sacred' or is it just my impression? Also, just have to add that the Scudder series in general and 'Sacred' in Particular remind me of Pelecanos' Nick Stefanos books (another FANTASTIC series/author IMO) I know Block was first but I read Pelecanos first so... Anyone else who's read both authors feel that way or am I again projecting? Any other authors/series in the same vein as Scudder/Block or Stefanos/Pelecanos that anyone can suggest? And lastly (is that an adverb?) a comment before I resume my lurking. This list is, to over-use an adjective FANTASTIC as well. I have picked up far too many great suggestions to mention (just read my first Peter Rabe!)and y'all are batting quite high, I've only been disappointed in a few books I've picked up from the list compared to the MANY I've enjoyed, so thank you all and keep up the good work! Best, Will

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