RARA-AVIS: Crime comics

From: Larson, Craig ( Craig.Larson@tsjc.cccoes.edu)
Date: 13 Aug 2001

I hope this thread hasn't panned-out by the time my post appears, but just thought I'd throw my two-cents in as well.

I loved the Rucka _Whiteout_ series, both of them, and seem to recall reading somewhere that the first series had been optioned for a film. It would make a great movie in the right hands--something along the lines of John Carpenter's remake of _The Thing_, as far as the setting, etc. Rucka has brought the same hard edge to his work with Batman in _Detective Comics_. I'm also a big fan of the Atticus Kodiak books, of which a new one seems to be on the horizon.

I've also recently discovered Brian Michael Bendis in a big way and have been trying to track down a copy of the _Jinx_ collection, but keep being outbid on eBay. I've got the _Torso_ graphic novel, which reminds me quite a bit of the Max Allan Collins novel about the Cleveland Torso Murders--is it _Butcher's Dozen_? It's one of his Eliot Ness books. I can't imagine how Bendis is able to keep up with his current commitments, to Spiderman, Elektra, _Powers_, etc., etc. without stretching himself too thin. So far, he seems to be managing.

Someone else who should be mentioned in regard to crime comics is Brian Azzarello, the writer of _100 Bullets_, which has quietly become one of the few "must-read" comics that I search for every month. I wasn't too interested in the premise of this series when it first started--a mysterious man supplies an untraceable gun and the "100 bullets" of the title to a variety of people, plus the chance to get revenge on people who've done them wrong--but this is a series that has really developed into a mysterious and compelling storyline.

Craig Larson Trinidad, CO

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