RARA-AVIS: Goodis trading

From: Dixon H. Chandler II ( dchandler@nettally.com)
Date: 13 Aug 2001

Lou, Ron, and maybe others:

I, too, am an avid Goodis fan and collector. I'd be interested in trading copies of what I need for what I have. Photocopies, I mean. (Hell, I've tried to get photocopy trading lists going for years, for many different writers! Round-robin, anyone?) I also have Goodis short stories, tho not in a handy list. If you're interested in trading photocopies, please contact me privately at: dchandler@nettally.com


Title Pub# Nightfall BLIZ Black Friday BLIZ Burglar, The VINT Cassidy's Girl BLIZ Cassidy's Girl GM Cassidy's Girl VINT Dark Passage Behold This Woman POPL Night Squad VINT Blonde on the Street Corner, T SERP Nightfall BLIZ Shoot the Piano Player (Down T BLIZ Street of No Return VINT Wounded and the Slain GM Nightfall DTBC Of Missing Persons DTBC Dark Passage DELL


Street of the Lost Retreat From Oblivion Of Tender Sin Moon in the Gutter Fire in the Flesh

Also: have you tried Interlibrary Loan? I don't believe I've ever tried this with this particular Goodis title, but was somewhat successful with some other material. A university system would be more likely to fill the bill, but I'm not associated with a university any longer.


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