Re: RARA-AVIS: crime comics

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 10 Aug 2001

Jess raved about the Kane comic. He even offered me a money-back guarantee if I bought the first graphic novel collection of the comic book.

Well, Jess, you can hold on to your money. I have Greetings from New Eden. It was great. Thanks for reminding me. I meant to get the later collections, but kinda forgot about it at the time (I lost track of comics for a couple of years). Now I'll have to dig that one out to reread. Then I'l have to track down the later ones.

You also brought up Brian Michael Bendis. Which raises a question: How many Jinx comics were there? I've got 5 issues of Jinx, plus Jinx Buried Treasures and Jinx True Crime Confessions. Were there others? And what is Torso like? I find I only have the first issue, but I see it has been collected. There is also a graphic novel which purports to be a spy story (did it originally come out before Goldfish?). I forget the title. Is it any good?

Finally, I forgot to bring it up earlier, but has anyone read the Chennel Zero graphic novel? It is clearly set in the future, but the jacket copy and artwork make it seem like it might be hardboiled.


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