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Date: 10 Aug 2001

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<< Two Whiteout graphic novels written by Greg Rucka

Several issues of American Century, co-written by Howard Chaykin
(unfortunately not drawn by him, although the artist looks pretty good), a known pulp fan >>

As you know, I'm a Rucka fan. And just because he works in comics as well as novels, I don't find his novels "comic booky" so much as I find his work in comics tough, intelligent and filled with versimilitude. Both WHITE OUT stories are excellent examples. Protagonist is a female U.S. Marshall at McMurdo Station on the South Pole. One tough cookie.

I'm also reading the Chaykin series. The first story arc takes place largely in Central America. Lots of the dialogue is in Spanish. Post modern cynical take on U.S. involvement in world affairs. Not as compelling as I had hoped, but Chaykin at least doesn't dumb down for his audience. The second story arc which has just started finds the hero working as a security guard in the Hollywood of the day. Only read the first of these but I like so far.

John Lau

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