RARA-AVIS: Boredom, with Occasional Music

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 08 Aug 2001

It was apparent that this Metcalf guy was getting nowhere in his inquisitions. He seemed like a man without a purpose.

I could see Lethem's sinister grin behind everything. Over-written sentences were everywhere like spiders on a fruit cake - and I've never liked fruit cake. The jokes were fresh from getting out of a sour. They oozed of old booze. Or drugs, actually. I'm known for getting some myself, but when someone dwells in them, I turn my head.

I did try to communicate with Lethem for a couple of days. I asked him to elaborate, but he never got around to it. He didn't seem to care for the plot, either. It was like reading a Prather on a very bad day. And a very bad hour of the very bad day. And a very a bad minute of the very bad hour of the very.. you know what I mean.

I got bored. And I got bored fast.


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