RARA-AVIS: Andrew Vachss - Burke series

From: Rebecca Hippert ( sunfish@telocity.com)
Date: 08 Aug 2001

I recently read the first book of the Andrew Vachss Burke series, Flood. I have almost finished Strega. I am hooked.

I purchased the first two books -- I love those vintage press editions but they are pricey so am going the library route for the rest of them so I will do my part to keep the hard-boiled tradition alive at our library.

I think the order is correct -- I got the dates from the library. Have I missed any of them:

1. Flood - 1985 2. Strega - 1987 3. Blue Bell - 1988 4. Hard Candy - 1989 5. Blossom - 1990 6. Sacrifice - 1991 7. Shella - 1993 8. Down in the Zero - 1994 9. Footsteps of the Hawk - 1995 10. False Allegations - 1996 11. Safe House - 1998 12. Choice of Evil - 1999 13. Dead & Gone - 2000 14. Pain Management - 2001

There are other books that don't seem to be part of the Burke series -- two collections of short stories. There is a Batman: Ultimate Evil listed in the library collection. I looked it up on Amazon. Vachss, indeed, wrote a book based on the Batman character - which seems unusual for the writer of the Burke series which is so grounded in the bleak urban life. Vachss has written a nonfiction book about child abuse. He also wrote an earlier book about treating juveniles who are in trouble --no surprises there that he would write either of them.

Does anyone know anything about Andrew Vachss? One of the Amazon reviews mentioned that he is an attorney who defends abused women and children.

Someone on this list suggested Jack O'Connell's books. I started with Box 9 and I kind of gulped it down. I have Wireless lined up next.

Thanks everyone for the discussions and recommendations. I have added lots of writers to my reading list because of rara-avis.

regards, Rebecca Hippert sunfish@telocity.com

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