RARA-AVIS: Back to Weeding

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 30 Jul 2001

I'm back to weeding out unread books. Of course, I'm terrified I'll get rid of a great book, so I thought I would again vet them against all of you to see which, if any, of these books I should hold onto and read. Thanks for your help. Some of these names I know (mostly from here), but what about these particular books?

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, Gerald Butler Dreamboat, Doug Swanson Baby Face, Steve Brewer Seven Shades of Black, Steve Martin Cohen 2 by Steven Womack Big Red Tequila, Rick Riordan Location Shots and Death Trick, both JF Burke A Present for Santa, James (not James Lee) Burke The Takeover, Richard Wormser Death at Sea, Richard Sale The Murder of an Old-Time Movie Star, Terence Kingsley-Smith Several by Jim Nisbet -- I've read his first, Gourmet AKA The Damned Don't Die, what about the rest? Riot Act, Jon Stock (Mask Noir) An Omnibus by Bill James -- a guy I know can't say enough good about Bill James, unfortunately I don't trust his taste Anything but Deadly, Richard Deming Mission for Vengeance and Code Name Gadget, Peter Rabe Drum Beat -- Marianne, Stephen Marlowe The Big Payoff, Robert Novak (Super Cop Joe Blaze #1) The Man Who Played Thief, Don Smith The Day of the Peppermill Corn, John Wainright See No Evil, Jay Finkelstein No Business for a Lady, James L. Rubel Bird Dog, Philip Reed Where Darkness Sleeps, Brian Rieselman Rim of the Pit, Hake Talbot 2 by David Markson Kill the Poor, Joel Rose 2 books by Nick Gaitano (I read a few of the books under his own name, Izzi, but what about these?) Neon Flamingo, Matt & Bonnie Taylor Death Trance, RD Zimmerman 65MM, Dale Hoover Adrenaline, James Dillinger Hustler!, Henry Williamson 3 by James Howard Readus (Holloway House) Gentleman Pimp, Andrew S Jackson (Holloway House) Con Man, Charles Avery Harris (Holloway House)

So, any keepers?


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