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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 28 Jul 2001

You may have failed your own test here ... Spenser quoting from books would be a "show" not a "tell" as ... he picked up John Irving's latest and started to read where he left off ... would be in comparison. As far as Spenser goes, I don't think there's a general acceptance that he's even hard-boiled to begin with. Marlowe cooks or fries at least.

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But here, I disagree. Spenser QUOTES a lot, but I don't recall his ever actually reading a book. I've just read three recent Spensers in a row, and he watches football on TV, but doesn't read. Marlowe, on the other hand, READS. That's why Chandler is a more careful writer than Parker, and a better one. He follows that grad school dictum: "Show, don't tell."
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