Re: Cooking (was Re: RARA-AVIS: Murderer's Row - Short story collection)

Date: 26 Jul 2001

On Wed, 25 July 2001, William Denton wrote:

> Surely there are no truly hardboiled stories that dwell on cooking, beyond
> quick meals at diners and sumptuous feasts laid on by corrupt city bosses.

But what about all the diners and restaurants that figure into so much HB? From Hemingway's The Killers to Pelecanos's pantheon, food and those who cook and serve are a large part of the story.

You mentioned Willeford. Willeford began Pick-Up with food.

"It must have been around a quarter to eleven. A sailor came in and ordered a chile dog and coffee. I sliced a bun, jerked a frank out of the boiling water, nested it, poured a half-dipper of chile over the frank and sprinkled it librally with chopped onions. I scibbled a check and put it on his plate. I wouldn't have recommended the unpalatable mess to a starving animal. The sailor was the only customer, and after he ate his hotdog he left."

Makes you hungry.


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