RARA-AVIS: New Member and a query

From: Rob Preston ( rpreston@juniper.net)
Date: 25 Jul 2001


after watching "Lady from Shanghai" last night and a email from Keith Deutsch, I decided to join this list. Some of you may know me from
'fictionmags", I'm not an especially active list member of said list, but I do read and skim most messages and try to post when I have a definate piece of data someone is looking for. I'll most likely behave the same way here.

Anyway, I lead a busy life collecting pulps of numerous styles, titles like Dime Detective, Black Mask, Weird Tales, Dime Mystery, Horror Stories, Terror Tales, Short Stories, Adventure, and many many other titles in the adventure, detective, weird & science fiction areas. My special interest is in supernatural fiction but in recent years I've become hooked on hard-boiled authors like Frederick Nebel, Raoul WHitfield, Daly, , Howard Browne, and of course Hammett & Chandler amongst many others. Besides all this I collect vinyl lps and sometimes I wonder which I spend the most money on...

I'm trying to gather material to help get www.blackmaskmagazine.com up to speed and was wondering if anyone could help me with this:

Does anyone know the following individuals? :

John L. Apostolou wrote article on Norbert Davis published in Armchair Detective

Stephen Mertz, conducted interview with W.T. Ballard published in Armchair Detective

thanks, Rob

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