From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 24 Jul 2001

<<By anybody's definition of both noir and hardboiled, this

book is both, in spades. As soon as you finish whatever you happen to be reading, each and every one of you on the list should pick up this book and try and put it down.>>

Thanks for the suggestion. In my newly found role of a philanthropist, I will ask the local library to buy this book (they don't have anything by Rucka).

I am now convinced that hardboiled literature is best supported *at the local level*. By asking a library to buy a particular book, and by checking out books by hardboiled authors, we are supporting those authors and the genre. If we just buy the book, the thing ends there (no multiplication effect).

Another simple thing is to write up an *information sheet* on hardboiled authors. Somebody will pick it up and check out a few authors. Everybody gains. I've written several of these, with a brief description of the hardboiled attitude and a list a dozen or so prominent authors, with emphasis on local and contemporary (for obvious reasons of availability and of not living in the past). The more colorful the descriptions, the better. Remember we're competing with malice domestic, historical cozies, etc. etc. Those genres are well organized for promotion. We can't wait for the public to realize (by illumination) that Rucka, or Jon Jackson, or Woodrell, or Pelecanos, are fine authors. We have to point them out explicitly.

I would like to hear people's reactions to this low-level guerrilla plan.



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