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Date: 22 Jul 2001

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<< For quite a while Thomas Perry has been writing a series about a 'guide' , Jane Whitefield who helps people wanted by by such organizations as the Mafia the disapear. It's been hard to for him to differ from the formula he set in the first, VANISHING ACT, but he does weave in an interesting Iroquis background well. I wish he would totally domesticate or kill off Jane so he could write more books like BUTCHER'S BOY, but the series is not bad. >>

I really enjoy this series myself, find them very suspenseful with cinematic setpieces. Perry's follow up to The Butcher's Boy- SLEEPING DOGS is excellent too. I read METZGER'S DOG a long time ago and didn't care for it. I'm glad I later gave Perry a second chance.

John Lau

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