RARA-AVIS: New Richard Stark Reprint

From: Brian Evankovich ( brianevankovich@hotmail.com)
Date: 22 Jul 2001

I see on Amazon.Com that Mysterious Press will be coming out with a reissue of Richard Stark's "THE SCORE" soon. Does this mean we'll see a whole new set of the "old" Stark books as the months go on?

Honestly, having tracked down several Stark paperbacks, I've soured on the whole Parker series because the books always seem ... the same. Parker always does the same stuff and I have to wonder, "Doesn't he get sick of this?" Especially after Westlake has said many times that Parker would get ticked at having to do the same things all the time ... but that's exactly what happens! He gets the money, looses the money, gets the money back. Heists always go wrong, Parker being the lone survivor and chasing the
"real" bad guy, etc., etc. I don't think I've finished a Stark book all the way through after BACKFLASH (a letdown after the excellent COMEBACK). You can usually just skim the books after a certain point and get the jist of what's going on and not miss anything.

That being said, I think the first seven Stark books were good (when the series was fresh, with "The Jugger" and "The Seventh" being my favorite) and I would like a nice set of Mysterious Press reprints if they go through with the entire series, hence my original question. I'd also like to read the last few books in the original run before Westlake quit writing them, but have so far been unable to track down (or find a good price on). --Brian

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