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Date: 20 Jul 2001

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> Re Doug Bassett's comment on the Shell Scott series:
> > Now reading Prather's KUBLA KHAN CAPER. I've decided
> > the Shell Scotts are very hit-or-miss, but this
> > looks
> > to be one of the good ones.
> It seems to me that last February or March, James
> Reasoner commented on a Scott book, and mentioned
> Shell's unusually friendly relationship with the LAPD.
> (I know I was out of the loop then, but I still
> occasionally looked in on the Archives). He compared
> Shell's friendship with Homicide Captain Phil Samson
> to Mike Shayne's with Miami Police Chief Will Gentry.
> Being a Shayne veteran himself, Mr. Reasoner's
> comparison with the Shayne/Gentry relationship is
> understandable, but I think a better analogy (and the
> one Prather probably wanted his readers to
> subliminally make) was Mike Hammer's close friendship
> with Captain Pat Chambers. The two cop characters
> share a rank, captain, a position, commander of
> homicide, and have similar sounding names. I think
> Prather conceived of Scott as a lighter-hearted West
> Coast version of Hammer. It's worth noting that, like
> Scott, Hammer always had good, personal relations with
> the police. His problems were with the pettifogging
> official institutions of law enforcement, rarely with
> the individual people in the who served those
> institutions.

The Samson/Chambers comparison makes sense to me. Scott's politics are certainly similar to Hammer's. I don't recall that Mike Shayne ever had any political views.

Best, James

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