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From: Paul Sowle (
Date: 18 Jul 2001

--- Mario Taboada <> wrote:
> <<There's a non-crime Donald Westlake called "Ordo",
> based
> on Marilyn Monroe's first husband (when she was
> unknown), a
> sailor. It's more of a
> "how-did-the-person-I-knew-become-this-person?" than
> anything else, but it's terrific.>>
> It's terrific, but it's been reprinted recently in
> the
> Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction. I'd rather have
> something
> never reprinted before, or at least not in the
> recent past.

I completely agree with this. I ordered Pulp Masters and look forward to it's arrival, though I already have the Westlake and the readily available Spillane. I also agree with Bill that it's worth the price of admission for the Whittington alone, hence my purchase.

If you're going to reprint some novelettes that are already out there, how about one that has previously only been reprinted in a limited edition? I'm thinking of Fredric Brown's The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches.

It's only natural to assume that one pulp anthology will reach the same audience as another. Why tread the same groud and leave the reader with something he/she already has when there is so much material out there yet to be reissued? Maybe it's a matter of the Westlake name selling copies.

Anyway, enough of my gripes. When Gorman & Greenberg put something together, it's always worth the dough.


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