RARA-AVIS: Newton Thornburg

From: David Firks ( dfirks@saw.net)
Date: 17 Jul 2001


Terrill Lankford wrote:

> David, it was great to read an interview with Newton Thornburg, one of the most
> underrated writers alive. I just wish the interview was longer. Was it compressed
> due to space considerations? Is there a longer version we might be able to read?
> TL

Newton seems to be a gentleman of few words during an interview. Louise Guardino
(who did the interview) and I believe he lets his writing/work speak for him instead, which is totally understandable. We too, wished the interview was longer. But after finally locating him, we were gracious he gave us what is posted. Hope this helps.

If anyone on this list hasn't read CUTTER AND BONE yet, it's well worth your time. As you put it Terrill, Newton is one of the most underrated writers alive. Also, with the reprint from Serpent's Tale, included is an excellent introduction by George P. Pelecanos.

-David Firks www.bluemurder.com

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