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Date: 11 Jul 2001

Neil, you are correct. Sorry, Hugh. The collection is THE WALL OF THE SKY, THE WALL OF THE EYE, and is in print. AMNESIA MOON also a novel. He's been a busy guy.

And my lack of enthusiasm for the cult of Dave Eggers has kept me away from the McSweeney's publication so far, but obviously I have some books to pick up. TM

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> I've seen none of his short fiction.
> > Has Lethem published a collection?

AS SHE CLIMBED... was a novel. I think the collection is called AMNESIA MOON. He also edited a recent book of amnesia stories, which I think is out on Vintage Crime, although I've never seen a copy. He's an interesting case--started with sf magazines, then just started deconstructing genres, from sf to speculative to the campus comedy (AS SHE CLIMBED...) to hardboiled to westerns (mixing and matching as he goes). But he has recently decided to try placing things with more literary magazines. McSweeney's published a novella of his in hardback. It costs ten books, looks nice.

I still think the most impressive thing about MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN is its dismantling of a typical detective's hard-boiled language through the Tourette's Syndrome narrator. Like that joke early on in the book that won't get out of Lionel's brain, just keeps circling, mutating, growing in different directions.

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