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Date: 10 Jul 2001

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> However, aren't there literary "works for hire" (the way many musicians,
> artists, journalists, etc, were and are screwed)? For instance, who
> holds the copyright on the post-Pendleton Executioner books? Or other
> series, for that matter? Who holds the copyrights on all the
> pseudonymous Brett Halliday/Mike Shaynes? (Does Dennis Lynds own the
> copyright to all of his works or just to those for characters he
> created?) I have no idea about the answers to any of these questions,
> but I bet it's the publisher, not the hired writer.
> Don't we have a few writers here who have done pseudonymous work for
> name franchises like Shayne? Who owns the stories you wrote?
> Mark

All the Executioners after the original run from Pinnacle Books are copyrighted by the publisher, Worldwide Library. Can't get to the books right now to check, but I assume all the Mike Shayne novels by Lynds and others are copyrighted by Brett Halliday. I know all the Shayne stories I wrote for MSMM were copyrighted by Halliday. So it seems reasonable that the stories are now owned by Davis Dresser's heirs, whoever they are.

Best, James Reasoner

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