From: George Upper ( gcupper3@yahoo.com)
Date: 10 Jul 2001

I'm hoping that one of our Rara-Avi experts can help me with some research I am doing. I have two questions:

1. Does anyone have any idea what the lag time between submission and publication would have been for
"Black Mask" and/or "The American Magazine" in the early 1920s? I'm wondering if, for example, I could make an argument that a story published in "American" in, say, August 1923, was probably written prior to a story published in "Mask" that same month. I'm assuming that the lag time was probably longer for
"American" than "Mask," but that's only a hunch. Anyone have any thoughts?

2. Is there, to anyone's knowledge, an index to the
"Argosy All-Story" for the 1920s? Good collections of the mag itself are hard to find--it looks like I'm going to have to go out of state to do the reading I need to do, as it is--but I could save myself some time if I could track down such an index, if it exists. If it doesn't, wouldn't that make one heck of a Master's Thesis for somebody?


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