RARA-AVIS: Craig Rice and Gypsy Rose Lee

From: Anthony Dauer ( anthony.dauer@verizon.net)
Date: 05 Jul 2001

Received the following off-list from someone who contacted Jeffery Marks, Craig Rice's authorized biographer:

"The Gypsy Rose Lee books as far as I could discern (and I dug deep) were written by Gypsy. She actually lived w/W.H. Auden for a summer while writing G-String, and most likely had help w/writing from him
(among others). She and Craig were friends. So it's not beyond reason that Craig helped w/plotting, characters, twists, etc. But typically if Craig was involved in a project, everyone knew about it and Craig never wrote a word (and there's not a word at her agent's) about writing G-string.

Ironically, I found 3 people who at one point or another took credit for G-string (Craig was one of them, the fiction editor at Harpers Bazaar was another). Mother Finds a Body failed miserably -- and NO ONE took credit for that one.

After all the hub-bub about the writing of the 2 mysteries, Gypsy made sure she had plenty of witnesses to see her write her own memoirs (the basis for the musical Gypsy). I got independent verification of that. So it does likely seem that she wrote her own mysteries.

There's more detail in my biography of Craig (WHO WAS THAT LADY?)"


Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, VA

Judas is looking for a few femme fatales for it's next issue:

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