RARA-AVIS: Admin: HTML in mail

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 03 Jul 2001

On 3 July 2001, southpaw@altavista.net wrote:

: Also, please turn off the html encoding in your messages, Brian. To:
: those of us without mail readers that read html (or who choose to keep
: it off to prevent possible spam-tracking), the post is filled with
: html-gunk.

Yes, please do. I didn't notice it (my mail reader, Pine, hides it from me) or else I would have dropped a reminder. Please, remember, everyone that only plain old ASCII text, not marked up in any way, is permitted on the list. HTML attachments are already caught and filtered out, but sometimes some HTML does make it through. I know it really messes up the digest version of the list, and is ugly for those whose mailers can't handle it.

Mail senders, please don't send HTML. Mail receivers, if you see some, let me know and I'll drop the sender a note. Same goes for any strange control characters that mess up your digests.


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