RARA-AVIS: Re: Weeding out

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Gee, Mark, I'd call "dips" myself, but I have most of those already, and like you, most of 'em are unread. Maybe we can get adjoining rooms when they finally haul us both off to the looney bin for the Criminally Collective. Though space might be at a premium -- I'll bet a lot of Rara Avians will be there. Admit it, troops! How many of you are anywhere from slightly to profoundly embarrassed by the number of books you have falling off your shelves?

Anyway, Douglas Heyes' book might be a keeper -- he wrote some interesting, Chandleresque P.I. stuff in the past (and some TV stuff, too). And I seem to remember THE LAST PRIVATE EYE IN BELFAST as being okay. And, like Bill, I got a kick out of the Pete Hamill books. Sex, violence and a swinging bachelor pad, seventies style. He also wrote a pretty good trashy book about a boxer who loves his dear ol' mom a little too much. HOPE AND GLORY? FLESH AND BLOOD? SOMETHING AND SOMETHING?

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