RARA-AVIS: Line of Fire

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 24 Jun 2001

Along the way I have skipped some writers with good reputations for no particular reason. One of those is Donald Hamilton. The other day I was in a surprisingly well-stocked used bookstore in Culpepper, Virginia and picked up a copy of Hamilton's LINE OF FIRE. It isn't a Matt Helm but it looks damned interesting. Is this one of the better Hamilton novels?

In the same store, I spotted a novel by James B. Hendryx entitled BLOOD OF THE NORTH. Since I had just praised his short stories on this list, I picked it up. Alas, the opening was thick with dialect and the plot and characters so cliched that I have to qualify my earlier praise. Hendryx wrote many novels and perhaps some of them match his short stories. This isn't one of them.

Richard A. Moore

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