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Date: 15 Jun 2001 wrote:
> >
> > No offense, but I think your library is in the minority. (Public,
>> right?) I've never seen a library that didn't break their collection
>> down by genre.
>> ...while I've never been in one that does. And I've been in quite
>> a few.
>You've never been in a library that had Science Fiction, Mystery,
>Western, Horror, and/or Romance sections? Ever?
>Maybe it's just my experience, then.

> I've been in both types. I think it has to do with the size of the
> library more than rather it's rural or urban (some big city
> libraries have sub-branches all over). Big ones divide, small ones
> don't.

Not my experience--but as this thread has shown, my experience is hardly the norm.

> As for categories, though, I've never been in a library where there
> were western or horror sections. The western category is probably
> an American thing

Yeah, you're probably right about that. Even up in Chicago, though, the libraries I worked in--even the urban ones--had their own Westerns section.

> in Quebec. Maybe out west more. But horror? Are there libraries
> that have so many horror books that they actually have their own
> section? I'm boggled.

Yep. And per book they circulate at least as well as mainstream fiction, in my experience.


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