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Date: 14 Jun 2001

The larger BookPulpers stores usually have a title or two, such as when Tor sensibly paired CONJURE WIFE and OUR LADY OF DARKNESS in one volume, two superb short horror novels (so tagged by Tor), and of course the 'Pulpers put them in their science fiction sections.

 TM [aside from Leiber's Spillane parody, "The Night He Cried," and some horror-CF crossover material such as "I'm Looking for Jeff" (in Howard Browne's FANTASTIC in '52), Leiber also wrote some relatively straightforward CF which at least edges toward hb, including "Schizo Jimmie" in a 1960 SAINT MM...and more I haven't read yet...]

The sad thing is that the "genres" are supposedly "pop" fiction already...

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<<...the presumption that the shelves that held Harold Robbins were inherently better than the shelves that held Hammett or Fritz Leiber...>>

If the shelves of said establishment contained works by Fritz Leiber, I would be lenient. It would be a joint classier than most (H.W. Fowler, get away from me!).

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