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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 13 Jun 2001

Well, there are quite a few grins in Joyce, as well, and ULYSSES not least in that wise. On a discussion board recently, I cited F&SF, EQMM, and ONTARIO REVIEW as my own favorite fiction magazines (recommended BLUE MURDER among the webzines), and only wish I'd found even more diverse materials of similar quality (there's a baseball-fiction/essay/poetry magazine called ELYSIAN FIELDS QUARTERLY which I've been meaning to seek out, though I suspect it won't be filled with work on a par with William Campbell Gault or W. P. Kinsella's sports fiction). Among the horror titles, I couldn't say whether I preferred WEIRD TALES or CEMETERY DANCE, but I suspect most folk here wouldn't mind dipping into the current, much delayed CD...the magazine straddles supernatural horror and naturalistic suspense, and Ed Gorman, Keith Minnion, John Shirley, Dennis Etchison, arguably Richard Laymon and Bentley Little, and Jack Ketchum all contribute items that have at least a touch of hb. None of these stories in this issue are likely to live on as paragons of the style, but the Ketchum particularly repays your reading, and Tim Lebbon has a piece that might also appeal to a lot of folk here. TM

-----Original Message----- From: Paul Sowle [mailto:] Most crime fiction fans have probably not read the complete works of Joyce due to a very simple fact. One could read Ulysses or Wake, but it would take up a large chuck of reading time that could be spent with a least a half dozen mystery novels/paperback originals/etc. In reading, just like the rest of life, you have to pick you spots. Give me a couple of Fredric Brown PBs, a Charles Williams and, hell, 3 0r 4 Harry Whittingtons and you can read Ulysses.

We'll see whose grin is wider when were done.

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