RARA-AVIS: Ellroy Vs. Joyce

From: Paul Sowle ( ambrosehunter@yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Jun 2001

I think that most fans of crime fiction have heard of James Joyce and his most famous novel. I've never read book myself, but I could offer up a brief summary and a few facts just off the top of my head. Let's say that most college educated folks will at least have heard of the author.

Most crime fiction fans have probably not read the complete works of Joyce due to a very simple fact. One could read Ulysses or Wake, but it would take up a large chuck of reading time that could be spent with a least a half dozen mystery novels/paperback originals/etc. In reading, just like the rest of life, you have to pick you spots. Give me a couple of Fredric Brown PBs, a Charles Williams and, hell, 3 0r 4 Harry Whittingtons and you can read Ulysses.

We'll see whose grin is wider when were done.

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