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From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 13 Jun 2001

And there are multiple genres often lumped together in "fiction" and
"literature" sections...each with its earmarks and relatively distinct audience (the feminist-fiction reader picking up Marge Piercy may also want Rita Mae Brown's mysteries, which latter the beach-reader may pick up with Danielle Steel, while the self-consciously hip may pick up FRISK and Piercy)...they're simply not sought out as assiduously by publishers, et alles, because they not quite as easy to pigeonhole, yet or any longer. Note the disappearing western and horror sections in many chain stores, and the semi-detached war-fiction (originally created for Worlwide Library series and similar work), and the expansion of gay/lesbian lit (including not a little crime fiction) and African-American lit sections (ditto) in some of the larger ones. TM

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Todd wrote:

"This discussion illustrates a core belief of mine, much-reviled by others...there is no "mainstream" of literature, merely many genres, from which certain items are plucked and filed under more vague labels when they can't be seen to fit the currently fashionable genre labels, or, as with Ellroy's work (as much as this Has happened with Ellroy's work), when they become popular enough."

I agree most heartily. I've always believed that literary fiction is as bound by its own genre coventions as any so-called genre fiction.

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