Re: RE: Re: RARA-AVIS: Ellroy reviewd at Salon: after all

Date: 13 Jun 2001 wrote:
> This discussion illustrates a core belief of mine, much-reviled by
> others...there is no "mainstream" of literature, merely many
> genres, from which certain items are plucked and filed under more
> vague labels when they can't be seen to fit the currently
> fashionable genre labels, or, as with Ellroy's work (as much as
> this Has happened with Ellroy's work), when they become popular
> enough. TM

In my years as a public librarian I've come to see something almost sinister about it. Why is Stephen King filed under Fiction? Why is Robert Olen Butler's MR. SPACEMAN filed under Fiction? Why is Jack Cady's THE NIGHT WE BURIED ROAD DOG filed under Fiction?

Because, I'm beginning to think, the publishers feel that if they put them in genre ghettos, where they properly belong, they won't sell or circulate.


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