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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 11 Jun 2001

Much as Chandler was much more "interior" than Hammett. Daly got there first, but did he inspire or influence Hammett? TM

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> He is also wrong in putting Ross Macdonald (who represents
> a shift towards the psychological) in with the hardboiled
> school.

You may think he is wrong to do this, but Ross Macdonald *was* part of the hard-boiled school. His early work echoed Chandler's Marlowe books, but then he found this new voice. True, it was more psychological than external, but that happened to the gothic, too, which grew from its formula into a more complex label when Frankenstein came along. Just because it was a shift doesn't make it less hard-boiled. He just took the loner PI idea in a different direction.

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