Re: RARA-AVIS: WHO created the hard-boiled story?

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 11 Jun 2001

Mario wrote:

"I'll say the writer is misinformed. . . . She is also wrong in putting Ross Macdonald (who represents a shift towards the psychological) in with the hardboiled school."

Of course, she's ill informed, this is all building towards a review of Haruki Murakami as a hardboiled writer. Murakami may have a noirish overtone. He may have clearly read Chandler and show his influence in his writing. He may have even put the world Hardboiled into one of his titles. However, this doesn't necessarily make him a harboiled writer. If you're looking to the west, Murakami has at least as much in common with magical realism as American hardboiled. And even knowing very little about them, I can tell he has even more to do with Japanese myths and legends.

He is very, very good, but I really don't see him as hardboiled.


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