RARA-AVIS: WHO created the hard-boiled story?

From: Duane Spurlock ( duane@emazing.com)
Date: 11 Jun 2001

At the "venerable" NYTimes, Haruki Murakami gets pinged this week as their featured author. So they've posted their old reviews of his works. Including the review of A WILD SHEEP CHASE, in which the reviewer, ANN ARENSBERG, starts out with this note:

"Sometimes I think America's most enduring contribution to literature is the hard-boiled detective story. Created by Raymond Chandler, elaborated by Ross Macdonald and perpetuated by successors like Robert Parker, the genre reinvents itself from generation to generation in the United States, always wearing the traditional trappings."

So. Where does Hammett fall in this pantheon? Is he blackballed from the NYTimes? Or are we being addressed by another ill-informed reviewer?


-- Duane

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