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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 10 Jun 2001

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Etienne Borgers wrote:

> Yep! French title: PEAU DE BANANE (title taken from
> the French translation of the novel)- issued in the
> USA as BANANA PEEL- 1963 by Marcel Ophuls.

The son of Max Ophuls, by the way.

> > 2.) 3rd Voice(Based on ALL THE WAY)(From the same
> > director as the marvelous PLUNDER ROAD)

It was Hubert Cornfield, who must've had some kind of insight into the paperback world: he directed Williams, Lionel White and Gil Brewer
("Lure of the Swamp").

[Joy House]
> As said in other messages, a film by Rene Clement, top
> director of other very good French noir films, and..
> far from being forgotten for them!

I've always thought that he is remembered only for the children-in-war film, what's its name?

> Title: LES FELINS - 1964 (In the USA: Joy House)
> Good film, on par with the novel and excellent dialog
> by Williams-

What novel of Day Keene's is that?

> >Also, I know that THE DIAMOND BIKINI was issued as
> > part of the Blue Murder series.
> Became a French film: FANTASIA CHEZ LES PLOUCS- 1971,
> by Gerard Pires

Isn't Pires the guy who directed the Luc Besson produced films, "Taxi" and "Taxi 2"?

> Among the other films based on Williams:
> a couple of telefilms for French cable TV, an
> Australian sea thriller with Nicole Kidman, one by
> Truffaut, one by Claude Sautet (this French creator is
> unjustly forgotten as prime noir film director, and is
> remembered only for his later lame sociological
> dramas)...etc

And don't forget Orson Welles's "The Deep", based on the same "Dead Calm" as the Australian picture. It never got ready, but I think someday it will be released on DVD or something like that. I hope it will.


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