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Date: 06 Jun 2001

I don't know if it's been reprinted anywhere, but copies of the third issue of FANTASTIC are not That hard to come by. Having read it, I find it one of the best parodies of Spillane I've seen, unsurprisingly more subtle than Jean Kerr's (as delightful as that was to me at age 10), and necessarily less lampooning than Fritz Leiber's "The Night He Cried." But, nonetheless, as over-the-top as anything by Spillane himself and more than most. TM

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In another part of the Memoirs, Browne writes about how he ended up writing another story for Fantastic as Mickey Spillane, "The Veiled Woman." This doesn't appear in Incredible Ink (at least not under that title). Has it been reprinted anywhere else?

Has anyone read it? Does Browne try to emulate Spillane's style? I'd guess he does, since he mentions, "I think I killed fourteen people in it. And in the end he shot the woman in the belly for killing his wife. You got your 25 cents' worth" -- sounds like a Spillane story to me.

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