RARA-AVIS: new Hammett book from Library of America

From: Karl W. Reinsch ( karl@rockin-r.net)
Date: 05 Jun 2001

I haven't seen this mentioned here before, so...

I just received a new flyer from Library of America ( http://www.loa.org/ ) today. The first page inside the cover is a full page devoted to: "Dashiell Hammett: Crime Stories and Other Writings" - Edited by Steven Marcus. The book is scheduled for September 2001, according to the LoA website.

What will make this book essential for most of us is best described with the following quote from the flyer:
"The texts, reprinted here for the first time, are those that appeared originally in the pulps, without the cuts and revisions introduced by later editors."

There is a press release about this at: http://www.loa.org/article.jsp?art=144 which includes the following link: http://www.loa.org/images/pdf/Hammettsample.pdf which takes you to a PDF file of ten pages from "The Golden Horseshoe" with the restored portions highlighted.

I can't find a contents listing anywhere online, so I'll provide here what the flyer lists. I think of few of these are not readily available otherwise.

Crime Stories: Arson Plus Slippery Fingers Crooked Souls The Tenth Clew Zigzags of Treachery The House in Turk Street The Girl with the Silver Eyes Women, Politics and Murder The Golden Horseshoe Nightmare Town The Whosis Kid The Scorched Face Dead Yellow Women The Gutting of Couffignal The Assistant Murderer Creeping Siamese The Big Knock-Over
$106,000 Blood Money The Main Death This King Business Fly Paper The Farewell Murder Woman in the Dark Two Sharp Knives

Other Writings: The Thin Man (An Early Typescript) From the Memoirs of a Private Detective
"Suggestions to Detective Story Writers"

Well, that's most of what I know. I'm looking forward to the book!

-karl. karl@rockin-r.net

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