RARA-AVIS: Credits on Book

From: David Roye ( broye@us.ibm.com)
Date: 05 Jun 2001

I just got a copy of "Robbers" by Christopher Cook form the library. I noticed on the spine of the book and on the title page the following: " An Otto Penzler Book" Can anyone here tell me what is the purpose of this credit and who is Otto Penzler and what he had to do with the writing of the book. I thought that Mr. Cook wrote the book hence it is his book. I have not read far in the book yet, but is Otto Penzler a character that a series will be based on by this author? I have seen this with detectives and crime series such as: " A Lew Archer Mystery", "A Spencer Book" etc.

Or is there now a myriad of credits, fake and otherwise that have in vogue in the movie industry for the past generation of producers, executive producers, associate producers and co-producers now used by the book industry?

Now this credit could just be the name of the imprint of the larger publishing house Carroll & Graf Publishing Inc, New York. Carroll & Graf does get a line on the title page on the title page and the position of Otto Penlzer and the type use used make me believe that it not just a reference to an imprint.

Anyway, thanks.

Respectfully B. D. Roye 215 851 4193

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