RARA-AVIS: mothers of hard-boiled sons, a pointless summer diversion

From: BetsyaW@aol.com
Date: 04 Jun 2001

So Woolrich and Chandler were uncommonly late to leave mama's knee. Any others? You could count Heminway if you consider him hb, and if degree, rather than duration, of maternal domination is factored in. Betsy In a message dated 6/4/01 4:11:07 AM, David Schmid writes:
<< Although Woolrich was naturally self-effacing to the point of being uncommunicative, this is actually quite an accurate description of his life at this time, and it points to the significance of Woolrich's relationship with his mother. By this stage, Woolrich and Claire Attalie Tarler had been sharing an apartment in the Hotel Marseilles for eleven years, and the nature of their relationship is indirectly indicated by the dedication to Phantom Lady: "To Apartment 605, Hotel M___ in unmitigated thankfulness (at not being in it anymore)." >>

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