Re: RARA-AVIS: Himes, Sallis, Als

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 02 Jun 2001

Doug wrote:

"By Sallis, I just read Long-Legged Fly and Moth recently. Both are good, though Fly is better and definitely worth seeking out. Not a straightforward narrative--more like connected vignettes--some of which don't resolve as expected. How are the other Sallis novels? Titles, count?"

Long-Legged Fly knocked me on my ass when I first read it. The seemingly loose structure perfectly fits the story and its protagonist. I liked Moth, but it seemed almost orthodox after Fly. The other two I've read (haven't gotten Bluebottle) fall in between. Black Hornet is mostly flashback, but all revolving around one event. Eye of the Cricket is my favorite since the first, but very much not your ordinary private eye novel. By this point, mystery has been largely left by the wayside, the fascination is with Griffin's meanderings through New Orleans' underbelly.


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