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Date: 02 Jun 2001

Yesterday, Todd wrote:

>Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 11:49:56 -0500
>From: Todd Mason < Todd.Mason@tvguide.com>
>Subject: RARA-AVIS: ADAM: after all
>ADAM and the companion ADAM BEDSIDE READER were common sources for the
>latter '60s and early '70s ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: collections, as edited
>by Harold Masur and Robert Arthur (perhaps only Masur's volumes), and while
>I thought "Adobe James" rather a goofy byline even at nine, it was in the
>AHPs that I read those early Gores and much else (including the first
>Ellison I read, "All the Sounds of Fear").
>While most US (and not a few other) folk have seen PLAYBOY, and I own a copy
>of an early-'60s GENT (yet another CF and SF-friendly skin magazine), I've
>never actually seen a copy of any of the ADAM group of magazines that I can
>recall. TM
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>From: Bill Crider [mailto: abc@wt.net]
>I'm glad John Hathaway remembers Adam as I do. It's probably fairly
>collectible these days, since I think it published (besides Gores) writers
>like Harlan Ellison. I don't know who the publisher was. I just looked at
>the pictures.
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Whenever I get to the Legendary Boxes in Da Basement, I'm sure I'll unearth a copy, or three, of Adam.

As with Bill C., I'm of an age that I was then paying much more attention to the pictures than memorizing indices.

The difference is that I _knew_ some of folks in the photos:

ADAM, et al, was one of the primary sources for the Works of the late William Rotsler. Articles, fiction, photo spreads ... some under his own name.

I no longer remember if they were confined to the Bedside Reader, but one of Bill's gimmicks was "photo-novels" of soft-porn films.

Mythical soft-porn films: The "stills" were simply staged shots of an ever varying cast of LA-area sf fans and pros, with a story-line "scripted" afterward.

(It's been far too long so I won't trust memory to cite specific names, but quite possibly some "Names" might pay Big Bucks to take such issues out of circulation... Though, in retrospect, they are probably hopelessly innocuous!)

The one 'skin magazine" I do hope to unearth from my stash is the (I believe) September 1962 issue of ROGUE. It was published in Chicago, by a sf "publisher" -- Wm. Hamling, under one name or another -- and they published a special Issue to commemorate the SF Worldcon. Which (my first convention) was in Chicago, that year.

Among other things -- I think there was a couple of sf-related graphic spreads -- it featured fiction by Robert Bloch and Wilson "Bob" Tucker....

Again, we are talking Really Ancient history here, but I recall that the Tucker was a reprint ... from a fanzine.

So it went.

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