Re: RARA-AVIS: Jones Men

From: Keith Logan (
Date: 27 May 2001

Mark asks:
>Out of curiosity, where was the redemption in Jones Men?
>Perhaps you're talking about personal redemption, though?

Indeed, that's more what I meant, I just didn't express that very well. But note that the cops will continue their jobs despite that feeling of futility. I guess I find that admirable, in a sense, and more globally the first step towards finding long-term answers to problems like drug dealers, postitution, murder etc that (specifically) these cops encounter as an everyday reality. Running away doesn't solve anything.

>Really? I thought the ending of Bullet was one of redemption as the
>main characters turn their backs on corrupt society and go off to >build
and define their new family.

It has been a couple of years, and there were many things I disliked about BULLET. Did you really get the sense that these utterly damaged people were going to somehow become functioning members of society, any society? I didn't. Not even a society where they create their own rules, since it would have to work in conjuction with the corrupt society they were fleeing from. I much prefer when the characters attempt to find their niche from within that society.

Maybe redemption does not always have to be there for me to enjoy a novel, but it is a preference.

Keith Logan
"Apr賠avoir choisi on se contente du hasard de son existence et on peut l'aimer"
- A. de Saint-Exup鲹

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