Re: RARA-AVIS: Boston Teran

Date: 24 May 2001

NEVER COUNT THE DEAD may not be out in the UK yet, so I can't compare; but I read GOD IS A BULLET last year and was bowled over. The characterization seemed pretty well done, though not the strongest point in the book. (I don't think that I would offer any of them a cup of coffee in real life, but then the whole thing obviously takes off from Manson and the Sharon Tate murders, and I know when I'm out of my depth.)
  There is a lovely, black view of society: nobody is clean, and the protagonist on the mean streets (or mean country roads and parking lots, here) is as badly compromised as the authorities. Not comforting reading. Teran has a wonderfully visual imagination, which I like (I head that he is a pseudonymous screen writer???). For what it's worth, GOD received a Creasey award in the UK. (Now there's a thought...)


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