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From: George Upper (
Date: 22 May 2001

--- William Denton <> wrote:

What did you make of that article about Race and the Klan? Are you one of the grad students who posts working drafts on the web?

I want to comment on that article, but I want to re-read it first. I read it months ago, and as it is not terribly relevant to my thesis, I didn't retain too much of it. I have a copy in my file somewhere, though, so I'll try to do that in the next day or so.

I have never posted a working draft on the web, but that's not a bad idea. I do have a web site with some of my other stuff on it--some short essays, for example, but not on anything hard-boiled. Except for some original fiction. Anyone interested can check out at his or her leisure. I am always interested in criticism.

I think I need to hold off on this particular paper, though, because of its nature. I'm hoping to publish a short version somewhere soon--I have a little cleaning up to do--and then maybe I'll post a working version of the dissertation. Since I'm mostly interested in CJD's earliest stuff, most of the work I reference is in the public domain, or coming into it now, so I'd like to publish a collection of his early work along with my own criticism.

And on that note, would anyone, by any chance, have any idea where, if anywhere, CJD's papers would be? Some of his reprints mention a Mary Daly, who I assume to be a daughter, but I have no idea where she is, or even if she is any longer. Any suggestions? I'd love to get my hands on some of his letters, manuscripts, etc.

Thanks, Bill, for the website idea--I think I'll file that under "coming soon." I hadn't thought of it, but it makes a lot of sense.


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