Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent reads

From: cooper (
Date: 21 May 2001

> David Peace's 1977 is the finest Brit hardboiled novel I've read. >
i just got this last week with the new Ellroy and Right as Rain for holiday reading, but just dipped into it and so am halfway through it a week before we go away.I read 1974 when it came out and found it to be very atmospheric, nasty and no holds barred when it comes to depicting police,journos and any other assorted scum that make up the main characters...just my type of book.(If a little confusing at times) So far 1977 is living up to expectations, so far no one is remotely sympathetic, all have a dark desparate side to them, reminiscent a bit of Derek Raymond.Just have to lock it away till Saturday now.

BTW, not plugging Amazon but the Ellroy was about £8.99 hardback there.

I'm quite glad that they won't be doing the Factory books with Ray Ubiquitous Winston, too much the affable but hard Cockerney geezer to be the detective, not too mention too fat.Could those dodgy lager adverts have anything to do with the decision? Jane

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