Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent reads

Date: 21 May 2001

Is that David Pearces 1974???? Leeds United etc - as a Leeds fan I should already have read this and will now definitely do so. I am also on the lookout for Ted "get carter" Lewis (is this the right name???) It's a shame about the Factory films, I said I had some trepidation at the prospect of my beloved series being filmed but that's only natural I suppose and it would have been fascinating seeing what they made of these possibly
"unfilmable" masterpieces. I would agree with yr assesement of He died with his eyes as the best Raymond, for a feeling of existential pain you can't beat sitting in a scruffy London pub on a sunny afternoon getting through a few pints and reading that, I would reccomend it to anyone. Thanks for the tip!!

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