Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent reads

Date: 21 May 2001

Mark Timlin
(first post so please excuse/correct any ettiquette screw-ups) I too have recently come across Timlin, reading Ashes by Now and Find my Way Home. Both were extravagantly praised in reviews quoted on the cover and yet both were in my opinion and in concurrence with DJ Bassett, very ordinary. I think that this is a UK problem - any crime writer who writes anything that may be construed as the tinyest bit hardboiled is instantly acclaimed as the British Ellroy, so prune your prose and throw in a bit off effing and blinding and some casual drugs references (often hugely unconvincing!) and you're there. Jake Arnott is the latest Brit Ellroy - I submitted a review of his first book THE LONG FIRM to mystery largely because I was so annoyed at the positive critical reaction to what I saw as a lazily researched see through re-write of the 1960's by numbers. His new one is just out to a similar reaction - I will be interested to see what it's like. I am yet to find much in the way of decent British noir/hardboiled but will be pleased to be pointed at some. The late great Derek Raymond is an exception, read him now! I understand that the Factory Series are being filmed with Ray Winston (Scum, Nil by Mouth, Sexy Beast) as the Sergeant - I await the results with some trepidation. Sorry gone on ages now recent good read - Douglas E Winter RUN

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