RARA-AVIS: Cold Six Thousand

From: Daniel Sevitt ( DANIELSE@Amdocs.com)
Date: 20 May 2001

Finished this over the weekend and I was not disappointed as the sales assistant in Murder One thought I might be.

Yes it is not as good as American Tabloid. Yes, Ellroy probably overreaches himself this time, but it is still an epic indictment of the US merging of the Underworld, Big Business and Presidential Politics.

As for the much talked about machine-gun sentence structure, I can't say it bothered me any more than Henry James' overlong sentences do. It is a perfectly acceptable stylistic choice on the part of the author and one which does not interfere with the work. In many ways it creates a vital urgency and succeeds as the bastard child of Virginia Woolf's stream of consciousness. There, now I feel a bit like the idiot critic who praised The Beatles for their "aeolian cadences". All in all, a bloody good read and a fun revisiting of all those goofy guys you met and loved in Am Tab as well as introducing a few new guys and dragging them through kicking through a meat grinder.

Daniel Sevitt danielse@amdocs.com

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