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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 08 May 2001

Finished reading Leavin' Trunk Blues by Ace Atkins this past Sunday ... a good little read worth adding to the shelf if you're into detailed, descriptive stories. I haven't read Atkins's first yet, Crossroad Blues, and LTB doesn't inspire me to move it to the top of the TBR stack, but I did buy it to read sometime in the future.

Read Give Us A Kiss by Daniel Woodrell on my flight to Albuquerque, NM on Monday ... not a negative for the book though. Good story and a nice contrast piece to LTB (The Dying Ground by Nichelle D. Tramble being another one to LTB ... both showing the end of the line to the great migration after WWII from the South to the North and West. The first Woodrell that I picked up was Tomato Red ... its sitting around her somewhere with a bookmark stuck in the short end of the beginning. I'll have to pick it up again in a month or so and see if I can get it kick started again. I can always bring it along on a plane trip for captive reading time. Not that they are necessarily the best examples, but GUAK and LTB do provide definitive works to show the difference between Southern Noir and Country Noir. If you ain't read 'em and you're lookin' for something to read, pick 'em up. They're all worth the time spent on 'em.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, VA

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