RARA-AVIS: ...not quite a Mystery

From: Bill Bowers ( Bill@Outworlds.net)
Date: 09 May 2001

...tho I have been known to, on occasion, cloak the blander portions of my life in hard-boiled allusion -- but just in case there are some closet fanzine fans lurking on rara avis, this:

I've just finished up the latest version of my apazine slash personalzine,

Xenolith 45

which will be in the May Mailings of FAPA and (this once) DAPA-Em --

...and while I can't afford to send out additional deadtree copies, the electrons, ah, they be more affordable.

Should any of you be curious, X:45 will be available in a couple of days, in three distinct formats:

1) as a no-frills/no-html straight ascii eMail

2) as a MSWord 2000 attachment

3) as a pdf download (I'll give you a link, and you can fetch it at your convenience, rather than mine...)

Though I always crave feedback, there's no obligation....

Contact me -- offlist, please -- at:

Mailto: Xenolith@Outworlds.net

Thanks for listening....

Bill Bowers  |  <Bill@Outworlds.net>
"I still intend to publish another paper zine and sorry I'm so slow that my 
contributors keep dying before I get to publish them."
        Mike McInerney  [on Trufen; 3/28/00]

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