RARA-AVIS: finished red harvest

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 01 May 2001

well i finished red harvest. it was ok. lotta action for sure. i was amazed at how much of a badass the con op guy was. i'm a hb rookie, but from the group's posts i've gathered that if a definitive first and notable hb novel needed to be pointed to, that this would be it.

the novel's intensity increased when it became apparent that con op was very likely incurring the wrath of not only half the town, but from the boss too.

and from dinah's comments when looking into his notebook, i got the idea that maybe he was swindling from the company by recording phony payouts for information. considering that he purposely lied and helped seal the police chief's fate, and was actively covering up his activities from the home office, it wouldn't have been out of character. this guy had absolutely no loyalty to anyone. he seemed to become friends with dinah, but it didn't progress, and he didn't seem to upset about her death. definitely hb, i'm guessing.

and yeah, to the person who mentioned the the pulp fiction girl talking about elvis and beatles people, i must be a beatles guy. and as mentioned in an earlier post, my main criticism was that i felt like i was looking at the characters thru a dirty window... i just couldn't see them, their motives, or their feelings. i wanted a little more character depth.


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